Satisfy Your Caffeine Cravings at This Must-Visit Coffee Shop in Rizal

Sip coffee, get cozy, and stop being lonely.
by | July 20, 2021

Getting tired of making your own coffee? Then head over to this Instagram-worthy coffee shop in Taytay, Rizal.




Feynman Coffee

Located at Magnolia corner Cabrera Road in Barangay Dolores, Feynman Coffee is relatively new to the local coffee scene. It opened its doors to the public last February, but this café knows what’s up when it comes to making and serving good coffee. Patrons only have good things to say about the place, thanks to its cozy and relaxing ambiance.

Feynman Coffee is the perfect destination to go to when you want a quick escape from the city. Are you working from home and are in dire need of a change in scenery? This coffee shop won’t disappoint.



Cozy ambiance

Stunning, industrial-inspired interiors will greet you once you step inside the café. The ever-present smell of coffee brewing will surely lift your mood. You can choose to sip your drink indoors or enjoy the cool breeze al fresco at their balcony. There’s a free Wi-Fi connection so you don’t need to worry about updating your feed in real-time.

Aside from the calming atmosphere, Feynman Coffee also has a group of expert baristas and friendly crew who can help you decide which drink to try to perfectly suit your needs.



Wide selection of spirits and coffee

Must-try drinks include the mocha frappe at Php 170, iced caramel macchiato at Php 160, and iced dirty matcha latte at Php 185. If you prefer your coffee served hot, they have the cappuccino at Php 130 and flat white at Php 120. You can also try out their cold brew if you’re looking for a stronger caffeine fix.

If you don’t feel like consuming caffeine at the moment, they also serve non-coffee drinks. Their bestsellers include the mango yogurt at Php 135, bango yogurt (a nice blend of banana and mango) at Php 150, banana yogurt at Php 125, iced matcha at Php 165, and hot chocolate at Php 130.

Feynman Coffee also offers delicious pastries. Their chocolate chip cookies taste best when heated, at Php 80 each. They also sell chocolate brownies at Php 95 each, oatmeal cookies at Php 120 each, ham and cheese panini at Php 225, and milk and cookies at Php 180.

Feynman Coffee is open daily from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. For more information, you can check them out through their Facebook page here, and their Instagram page here. You can also visit their website here.




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