LOOK: This ‘Friends’-Themed Resort in Bacolod Would Make Any Fan Swoon

One location worth adding to your Bacolod travel itinerary.
by | September 17, 2021

When we enjoy a movie or a show, there will come a time where we add its filming locations to our travel bucket list, especially when it’s a show known globally and has studios you can easily visit, just the hit 90s sitcom Friends. While we wait for international travel to return to normal to visit the Central Perk Cafe in Singapore or Warner Bros. Studios in California, you can still have the same feeling of entering the set of the show in Bacolod. 


Limewood Residences at 25th 

Nestled right in the heart of Bacolod City, Limewood Residences at 25th is the home of the viral Friends-themed resort and it would make every super fan swoon. The cast may not be there (wink!) waiting for you, but you can still enjoy taking photos at familiar filming scenes such as Monica’s iconic purple apartment door, couch at Central Perk, and fountain seen in the show’s intro. 

The owners are (quite obviously) avid fans of the show, and they designed and decorated the resort to resemble famous filming locations. One of the best places to take photos is by the pool, where they’ve installed a giant Friends logo on the wall.

Unlike in Singapore where there’s an actual Central Perk Cafe, the replica at Limewood is simply for picture-taking. It’s actually a part of a function room, which is perfect for when you rent the resort exclusively. If you want a Friends-themed celebration, there’s no need to spend additional fees on decor anymore! 

Limewood has exclusive rooms available for day tours and overnight stays, with rates starting at P995 without pool access. 

How much are their rates? 

Ready to include this Friends-themed resort in your itinerary for your next trip to Bacolod? Here are their rates: 

Non-exclusive rates:

  • Overnight rates for 4 – P3,280 and P3,495 (with breakfast) 
  • Overnight rates for 6 – P4,980 and P5,395 (with breakfast) 

Only two groups per stay are allowed for non-exclusive stays. Check-in time is at 4 PM and check-out is at 10 AM the next day. 


Exclusive rates: 

  • Day tour: P4,900 for 15 pax and P5,900 for 20 pax 
  • Weekend day tour rates: P5,900 for 15 pax and P6,900 for 20 pax
  • Overnight rates: P7,900 for 10 pax and P8.900 for 13 pax 

Exclusive rates are inclusive of indoor pool use, air-conditioned function room, griller, refrigerator, bathroom, lanai with chairs and tables, TV with Netflix, and karaoke. 


For bookings and more information on travel requirements, visit Limewood Residences’ Facebook page.

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