LOOK: As Seen From Space, Venice’s Empty Waters Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The difference is so stark.
by | April 17, 2020

A lot of pictures have cropped up showing how different the world is during the coronavirus pandemic, like these wild mountain goats visiting towns, other animals touring their zoos, or the Himalayas being visible from India. But perhaps the most striking (so far, at least) before and after takes may be through these photos taken from space, showing just how empty the famous canals in Venice are.

Venice is well-known for its waterways winding through the city, but since the lockdown in Italy started last March 9, so much has been impacted in the country, one of which is the immediately noticeable drop in water traffic. A lot of citizens have shared photos of the empty canals in Venice, but just a few days ago, the European Space Agency released two images that show how stark the difference is from now and then – more specifically, this month last year.

Empty Canals in Venice as seen from space

The photo from 19 April 2019 showed boats upon boats going through the waters of Venice, busily making their way around and making the blue waters murky. In the more recent photo from 13 April 2020, the Grand Canal and the Giudecca Channel is as empty as can be. No boats are ferrying tourists from Venice to Murano island, and no cruise ships are docking in the city.

It’s not surprising, as Italy continues to be in lockdown with the streets of Venice are empty save for police officers patrolling, as reported by news agency ANSA.

The coronavirus really is changing the world.



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