Could This Resort Be Palawan’s Best Kept Secret?

We spent a weekend in what could be one of Palawan's most beautiful islands.
by | March 21, 2018

You can do a wide range of activities at Inaladelan Island Resort, and when I say activities I mean physical activities, not tapping on your phone the entire day. There’s a volleyball net on one side of the island, find new friends for a friendly match!

Snorkeling for a chance to see the pawikan should be a fun activity although a reminder for this one, try to not disturb them as much, remember you’re the one going into their natural habitat. There’s also a section at the beach where turtle eggs are buried under the sand, be careful when walking near it.

You could request for board games from the staff for a chill afternoon spent hanging out at the beach. When camping, you could make s’mores over a campfire that will be set up, or you could go stargazing.

How to prepare for the trip

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