Could This Resort Be Palawan’s Best Kept Secret?

We spent a weekend in what could be one of Palawan's most beautiful islands.
by | March 21, 2018

The crystal clear waters are great for swimming and snorkeling, two activities highly recommended at Inaladelan because the island has a lot of pawikan or giant turtles in the area. A few feet’s swim from the beach and you can easily spot a pawikan or two if you’re lucky. The resort’s manager and owner Angela Tiotangco, sees to it that the sea creatures under her care are free to live their natural lives undisturbed by humans.

Angela, a Palawan native and one of the Tiotangco sisters, proudly developed the island (which was previously known as German Island) and all its facilities. The name Inaladelan comes from “Ina” which means mother, and “Lan” which means land roughly translating to Mother Land. Creating a resort on an island started was a daunting project two years ago, now it’s one of her best ventures and it serves as a beautiful escape from the stress of life.

The Inaladelan Life

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