Tagaytay’s Dreamland Cafe Is Now a Beachside Garden Cafe in Batangas

A cup of coffee by the sea!
by | January 13, 2021

A cozy hangout spot in Tagaytay, Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe used to be filled with so many people admiring the artworks and dreamcatchers on the wall. But after the eruption of Taal Volcano and the lockdowns due to the pandemic, the cafe was forced to close permanently in June 2020. But don’t worry; the family behind the dreamy cafe moved their business to Batangas and they’ve rebranded the cafe to become Indie Green Garden Café and Coastal.

Indie Green Garden Café and Coastal

The new location is actually the owners’ ancestral home, which they then converted to become a beachside garden cafe. You’d find the familiar dreamy and creative knick-knacks from Dreamland at Indie Green Garden Café from the colorful dreamcatchers to quirky decor and furniture.

Aside from the artsy decor, you’ll also find every corner of the cafe filled with greenery and trees. They even have this cozy niche just their blue ternate canopy. Another corner features an “Indie Green Living” zero-waste shop filled with local goods and groceries, handmade home essentials, sustainable clothing, and more eco-friendly items.

They source their ingredients from their own garden, while they purchase the ingredients they can’t grow on their own from local farms nearby. According to them, a must-try is their blue ternate rice and tea.

On the other side of the cafe, you’ll find the Indie Green Coastal, which is an eco-friendly resort managed by the same owners. If you’ve got some free time and you’ve been itching for that beach trip, maybe you can head on down there for a night or two and enjoy the sea.

Getting there

The resort and cafe are only a three-minute walk from one another, so if you’re looking to visit the cafe, you might as well plan to stay a night. Indie Green Garden Café and Coastal is located in front of San Isidro Parish Church, beside AlfaMart, in Poblacion, San Luis, Batangas.

Want to inquire? Contact them through their Facebook (Cafe and Resort), Instagram, or mobile number 0927 156 3319.


Have you been to Dreamland Cafe? Would you want to visit Indie Green Garden Cafe and Coastal?

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