Love 2D Art Cafes? There’s a *Colorful* One in Bulacan You Should Visit Now

Your childhood comics come to life!
by | March 22, 2021

Remember that 2D art cafe that Lara Jean visited with her sisters in Seoul in To All the Boys: Always and Forever? Can you imagine what it’d look like in color? You don’t have to wait for that cafe to paint their walls to find out. There’s one cafe here in the country that already features 2D art in full color — Komiks 2D Art Cafe in Bulacan.

Komiks 2D Art Cafe Bulacan


Komiks 2D Art Cafe

Recently opened last 12 March 2021, Komiks 2D Art Cafe is the first-ever colored 2D art cafe in the country. The Bulacan-based cafe was painted by artist Ralph Pangilinan, who also worked on Quezon City’s Kurimi Milk Tea Bar.

Komiks 2D Art Cafe Bulacan

Unlike the black-and-white 2D aesthetic that became popular in South Korea, the Komiks 2D Art Cafe draws inspiration from classic Pinoy komiks. The whole cafe is painted with different shades of bright green and yellow and sketched with hard black lines.

Komiks 2D Art Cafe Bulacan

The interior of the cafe is painted from floor to ceiling with colored comic strip murals that transport you to a two-dimensional universe as if you just entered your favorite Pinoy komiks. Even the tables and chairs are designed like they’re part of a 2D world that jumped out of the comic pages.

Apart from enjoying the details of the comic strip murals around Komiks 2D Art Cafe, you would also enjoy their extensive menu offerings. The cafe serves different milk tea flavors, such as the classic milk teas like Wintermelon and Okinawa, as well as specialties like White Rabbit and the Komiks Signature. They also offer matcha drinks, fruit teas, iced coffee, and frappes. For food items, they have a wide range of offerings from usual cafe favorites, like donuts and cakes, to more filling snacks like takoyaki, shawarma, nachos, and quesadilla.



Komiks 2D Art Cafe Bulacan

The cafe is located at 2nd Floor JUMPH Building, Caltex–Tungkong Mangga, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. It’s just in front of SM City San Jose Del Monte, so it’s easy to find the building. There are parking spaces available for those who would bring their own vehicle.

You can drop by the cafe anytime from 11 AM to 9 PM daily. For more information, check out their Facebook page.

All photos are from Komiks 2D Art Cafe’s Facebook page.


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