Debunked: Manila Bay’s Bright Blue Color Isn’t What You Think It Is

We hate to burst your bubble, but...
by | March 26, 2020

Since the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon, we’ve seen roads and skies clear up soon after the frenetic activity of the city came to an abrupt halt. People have reported seeing mountain ranges for the first time, hearing loud birdsong, and even seeing Manila Bay take on an otherworldly turquoise color rivaling Boracay’s.

While many are attributing Manila Bay’s current bright blue color to the lack of pollution, the reality is that this color isn’t actually a good thing.


So what’s causing this color?

There are two theories, the first being algae.

Apparently, algal blooming has been observed in Manila Bay since 1988. This happens regularly when the water temperature increases. Though the algae could give the water a beautiful blue color, it’s actually bad for marine life. Back in 2014, fishermen reported that they found plenty of dead fish floating on the surface shortly after observing similar discoloration.

It’s also possible that this discoloration is being caused by chemicals, such as nearby hotels throwing their pool water into the bay.

Whatever the reason behind Manila Manila Bay’s current color, it’s probably not going to give Boracay a run for its money any time soon. It does make for good photos, though. We’ll give it that.


What do you think of Manila Bay’s Boracay-esque color?



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