April 2021

If you miss traveling abroad, here's where you should go!

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Enjoy the great outdoors for your special day.

It feels like you're on top of the world, or Mega Manila, rather.

What did the pink supermoon look like from your part of the world?

Your home away from home.

We heard you like serene views by the lake and a good, unspoiled sight of Taal Volcano?

Surprisingly, Manila ranks third.

This is what an island paradise looks like.

The sky's the limit!

If you can't contain your urge to travel abroad, here are the first countries you may want to visit.

It's the first MILF camp that was developed into an agritourism resort.

It's always good to find a view that you could own to yourself. Now, who's ready for the summer?

Nature always heals.

They're just off the coast of Siargao!

Work from a tropical island? G.

There’s enough space for your whole clan and access to private beaches.

When all else fails, have a retreat in nature.

The country has administered over 10 million doses of vaccines.

No need to fly to Amsterdam to visit the Van Gogh Museum.

Time to reschedule your flights.