Find Solace at This Charming Antipolo Kubo Mansion House Nestled Within the Sierra Madre Mountain Range

It's time to go back to basics.
by | May 16, 2021

“Make it simple, make it significant.” These are the words you’d find on the welcome sign of The Mountain House in Antipolo. A quiet nature haven nestled deep within the Sierra Madre mountain ranges, this kubo mansion will teach you that you only really need the basics to have a good time. In the age of social media when smartphones and gadgets have become the central force in reconnecting people, it’s almost impossible to imagine how to go on a technology-free vacation, but the Mountain House in Antipolo will help you do just that.

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Sure, the place has internet. But when all that surrounds you are a cool mountain breeze, the calming sound of the river, and birds cheerfully chirping in the morning, you’ll eventually learn how to “disconnect to connect.” When you’re in one with nature, there is more time for reflection, relaxation, and creating deep connections with the people who are dear to your heart.


How to get there

The Mountain House is a one-hectare protected watershed area located in Calawis Road, Antipolo City. Just an hour of drive away from the metro, this sustainable native mansion gives you an instant detox from city stress.

For those who crave a quick getaway, it’s just an hour-drive away from the metro. The quickest way to get there is to pass through Cabading Road or Boso-Boso.

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Originally a settlement for the Dumagat tribe, this unspoiled forest in Calawis caught the eye of The Mountain House’s owners — Dodgie and Marie Osabel — back in the day when they were still U.P. students conducting immersion trips in this area. From a simple dream to give back to the community of Dumagat tribe, this area has now evolved to become a common ground for nature, history, and biodiversity.


Countryside architecture

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As soon as you step in its vicinity, you’d easily fall in love with its countryside vibes. The houses are made of native bamboo, just like a traditional nipa hut house, but more spacious and modern. The roof is made of anahaw palm leaves, which adds to the overall probinsiya feels.

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One with Mother Nature

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The surrounding forest offers plenty of sights, with rock formations, mountain springs, and wide fields of bermuda grass perfect for camping. For just P1,300, you can rent a tent that can accommodate up to three people.


Rates and rooms

The Mountain House takes pride in offering exclusivity and serenity to its guests. If you have a family reunion, retreat, or work gatherings, you could rent the entire kubo mansion for P15,000 for a maximum of 12 people. If you worry about the recent pandemic restrictions, it’s not really an issue. They have five big bedrooms, giving ample space for everyone.

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They also have a roomy indoor kitchen. And if you want to take the dining experience outdoors, they have an al fresco dining area. You no longer have to worry about breaking pandemic protocols.


Other activities


It also has a spacious living room area where you could relax and catch up with your loved ones while still being able to practice social distancing protocols. If you want to get a feel of the cold mountain breeze, they also have a vast outdoor courtyard. At night, you could get a clear, unobstructed view of the skies from above too.

If you want to savor the calmness of the place, you can go for a walk on the nature trails. This path traverses through slopes and downhills. If you become tired after all the walking, you could stop by for a minute and just do bird-watching. There are greater chances of seeing wild birds, aside from the usual brown sparrows that you see in the city.

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You don’t need to worry about the security of your vehicles, they have a spacious parking lot outside. Security guards man the area 24/7.

Aside from relaxation and finding your zen, The Mountain House in Antipolo also hosts Balik-Kalikasan Summer Youth Camp. After the summer, they also have art and drawing workshops. This is a good avenue for your children to take their learning to a more sustainable level.



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