LOOK: This Napa Valley-Inspired Café in Tagaytay Will Be Your New Fave Spot

No such thing as too much wine.
by | June 16, 2021

Being a favorite destination for a quick road trip away from the metro, it’s not difficult to find a café that suits your liking in Tagaytay. From themed cafes to ones in a garden setting, there’s just too many to choose from. But if you’re looking for a new café that’s lowkey and has a great view, this newly-opened café in Crosswinds is definitely worth the visit.


Napa at Crosswinds

While Crosswinds Tagaytay is famous for its Switzerland-inspired houses, a newly-opened spot in the neighborhood would bring you to another side of the world. Inspired by rustic houses in Napa Valley, California, this new café would make you feel like a vineyard owner with its rustic wooden interiors, relaxing ambiance, and picturesque alfresco dining area.

There’s no wonder why everyone’s eager to see this quaint cafe – the ambiance would really make you feel like you traveled abroad! The café looks like a home with wooden floors, rustic interiors, and a stunning view of the surrounding hills. Everyone wants to see this new hip place and it gets crowded easily, so make sure to drop by early if you want to enjoy the place, its food, and take photos.

Its ambiance becomes more romantic at night when the fairy lights are switched on. There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying delectable food in an alfresco setting, with Tagaytay’s chilly weather at night and glasses of wine.

Cozy up and keep yourself warm from their selection of wines – there’s no such thing as too much wine!



The menu

Whether you’re visiting for a hearty breakfast or a romantic dinner over glasses of wine, Napa has a wide range of dishes that will fit every palate. They have different meals – from breakfast platters to pasta and burgers.


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For drinks, they have both caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks, as well as a wide selection of white, red, and rose wines. They also have kombucha if you want something healthy! To see their full menu, visit this page.


Napa at Crosswinds is open daily from 7 AM to 9 PM.



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  • Tina Pantreo

    I want to share the rude behavior of the staff happened last night. My friends and I went to Napa to have a cup of tea for our nightcap. We came bet 815-8:20 pm. I went to order my tea first, was given a teapot with my tea on it and a cup while my friends looked for a vacant table and chairs to sit on. I got my tea so my friends went to order their tea and paid a total around 1600+ for 5 teas (4 relaxing and 1 chamomile) and 1 coffee.
    After almost 20 mins waiting for the orders, I noticed my tea turned cold and yet their orders have not arrived and worried we missed the buzzer. Then after a few more minutes, it finally buzzed in. They claimed their tea and they arrived in large cups unlike mine which was served in a tea pot and a small cup.
    When they sipped on them, it tasted like water with a hint of tea unlike one of my friend’s tea that you can really taste the relaxing tea she ordered and has tea leaves floating under. We also noticed that 3 of the cups doesn’t have any leaves on. We called one of the staff and told her to check the teas. She took the tea and replaced them with 3 cups and teas on tea pots. And then after a while she went up with a broom and started cleaning. Banging on the tables and swept the floor with gusto. Then after a while she told us to not mind her and we should just continue to stay and sip our tea.

    Is it our fault that they made us wait for our tea for 20-30 minutes to arrive? We paid for our teas but they shortchanged us and gave us 4 in 1 tea. (4 cups for 1 tea bag)

    Check out this review of Napa at Crosswinds on Google Maps

    March 12, 2022 at 5:51 pm

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