NYC as Told by Our Favorite TV Shows

Come take a bite.
by | June 04, 2018

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Gossip Girl

One of the most popular teen shows right before social media exploded, Gossip Girl documented the lives of Manhattan’s elite. The show was a cultural phenomenon and continues to be a staple in pop culture thanks to its influence in fashion and social media. Often you can see Blair and her minions eating lunch at the steps of the Met, or lonely boy Dan blogging his heart out at their loft in Brooklyn; with these scenes, Gossip Girl was able to bring to life NY and made it an essential cast member.

Ten years since its premiere, GG still lives on thanks to dedicated fans from all over the world joining themed “Gossip Girl” tours all throughout the city. Notable locations of the show such as the Grand Central Station and Central Park will forever live on to Gossip Girl fans.



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