Starbucks Lovers Must Visit This Newest Three-Floor Heaven in South Korea

Coffee lovers, rise.
by | August 10, 2020

Starbucks recently celebrated their 21st anniversary in South Korea, and to commemorate the event, they’ve opened a three-story branch in Yangpyeong by the Namhan River. It is the largest Starbucks branch in South Korea to date, spanning over 1,200 square meters (about 13,000 square feet). It may not be as enormous as the biggest Starbucks branch in the world (about 35,000 square feet in Chicago), but it’s eye-catching enough as it is.


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All in one

The Starbucks Yangpyeong branch is the first in South Korea to feature a Reserve coffee bar, Teavana bar and drive-thru format all in one place. This is an effort made to create a new experience for customers by incorporating an interactive space and the convenience of a drive-thru option.

In contrast to the usual interior design of most Starbucks branches using dark wood and earthy colors, Starbucks Yangpyeong features light wood and cream textiles that brighten up the large space in addition to floor-to-ceiling windows that let natural light in. The upper levels overlook the Reserve bar at the center of the ground floor. We could just imagine how well the smell of coffee would permeate throughout the whole establishment. It would definitely make you want to stay for hours on end, especially when you can enjoy the scenic view of the nearby river right in front of the building.

Where is it

This branch is quite some way away from the tourist hotspot Seoul, so you’d have to set aside some time if you really want to visit. A bus is your best bet going to Yangpyeong. The branch’s exact address is 494 Gongheung-ri, Yangpyeong-eup, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

Now we just want to ask if the Philippines would get an all-in-one branch like this.


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