10 Stylish Sneakers Perfect For Traveling

Travel in comfort and style.
by | June 10, 2016

Traveling with the wrong pair of shoes could ruin a trip – but there are a few shoes that pack durability and style in one package. These shoes, which are usually for running or outdoor sports, are actually great fashion staples if one chooses to wear them with the appropriate outfit. From plain white sneakers to crazy colorways, there’s bound to be a pair of sneakers that’ll fit your travel personality. Here, check out our list:

Adidas Stan Smith Original or CF

The Adidas Stan Smiths are tennis shoes that were made popular by tennis player Stan Smith between the 60’s and 70’s. However, in popular culture today, the shoes make for fashionable sneakers. People who want to purchase these babies even have the option to pick the colorway as well as the option to have their name imprinted on the insole instead of the Adidas logo. You can also choose between the standard laced sneakers or the CF velcro and walk around in stylish comfort.

Puma Suede Classics

These sneakers need no introduction. They’ve never gone out of style and more and more shoe companies try to copy its style – but they’re never as good as the real deal. Plain and straight to the point, it can be worn with just about anything from shorts, jeans, and even formal attire – if you’re into mixing it up. It’s also great for both men and women with variety of colors such as blue, red, grey, and maroon.

Nike Airmax 90 Ultra Essential

The Nike Airmax 90 Ultra Essential is one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes in the market and it doesn’t lack in style. Nike’s air-sole made its way into its shoes in the late 70’s. When the Nike Airmax 1 debuted in 1987, the air-sole was made visible and it was a hit. What was meant to add comfort and absorb impact turned into a stylish trend. Fast forward to 2016, and the Nike Airmax is back.

With numerous colorways to choose from, there’s a pair of shoes in there for anyone. There’s just something about the infrared colorway though. It’s not too loud but it remains very stylish. Perfect for walking, complementing a stylish ensemble, and for everyday use, the Nike Airmax 90 Ultra Essential is a must-have for every sneaker head.

Nike Air Presto

The Nike Air Prestos were all the rave in the early 2000’s and it’s just right that they’ve become a craze yet again. It was really a wonder why it went out of style considering it was unlike any other shoe. Fret not though, because now that they are back, they are even better than before. The new Nike Air Prestos feature a very similar design to that of the classics, except that they added more factors to improve comfort and style.

Designed to be a kind of T-shirt for the foot, its dynamic stretch mesh upper makes wearing it feel like you’re wearing a sock. It uses an encapsulated air-sole for comfort and cushioning and has an expanding arch for a variable fit. Great for running or just walking around, the Nike Air Prestos are back with 5 colorways to choose from.

Adidas Samoa Pigskin

Get ready to slaaay because you will surely want to cop a pair of these Samoa pigskin packs to satisfy your crave for suede sneakers. This innovation under Adidas’s Samoa line is available in three colors – vapour pink, vapour gray, and pale nude – that will definitely upgrade your everyday OOTD. Match them with your chill-est outfit and you’re set for the day!


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