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This Campsite in Tanay Lets You Unwind in the Relaxing View of Mountain Formations and a Sea of Clouds

Two hours from the city is a campsite perfect for any nature lover.
by | August 18, 2020

After months of being confined in the four corners of our homes, it’s understandable that we’re all itching to go out and spend time outside. Nothing quite rivals the feeling of breathing in the fresh mountain air and waking up with the sea of clouds for a view. That being said, Ridges and Clouds Nature Camp located in Tanay, Rizal is the next idea outdoor destination that deserves to be on your bucket list.

Aside from spending a day off-grid and one with nature, campers get access to Ridges and Clouds’ amenities. These include having a relaxing dip at the Stone Hot Bath area and an equally relaxing time at the Massage Huts.  Accommodations could either be tents to get that camping feel or in large modern huts called Cabanas.

The kubo or the Cabanas are spacious enough for two people to sleep. There are comfortable mattresses and pillows provided. You won’t even need air conditioning with the cool natural mountain air.

The campsite’s name gives the place justice. At any given time of day, guests are treated to a majestic view overlooking ridges and mountain formations on the horizon. These are all bathed in a sea of clouds, depending on the time you wake up. The sunset displays are also quite stunning in oranges, reds, purples, and pinks.

To get the most out of your nature retreat, you can also spend some time after the sunset to gaze at the night sky. If you’ve missed out on the Comet Neowise or the annual Perseid meteor shower, you can still marvel at the constellations in the peaceful vicinity of Ridges and Clouds.

If you’re planning on visiting with a special someone, it’s good to note that the place also has a romantic spot for a great candlelit dinner. Those who wish to use the area simply have to contact the owners to get the meal prepared beforehand.

Ridges and Clouds Nature Camp is yet to re-open after the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine is lifted in Rizal. But if you have booking inquiries, you can send their team a message on Facebook and follow them for updates.

Ridges and Clouds Nature Camp
Maysawa Circuit, Brgy. Cuyambay
Tanay, Rizal, Philippines
+63 945 1627 798


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