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The Quarantine Led to Clear Skies in Metro Manila — And These Malayong Tanaw Memes

What else have you seen?
by | April 01, 2020

When the Enhanced Community Quarantine forced most of the 12 million members of the Metro Manila population to stay in their homes, it meant that there were significantly lesser cars producing smoke and overall air pollution in the city.

That’s why just a couple of weeks into the quarantine, we’re seeing clear skies all over the metro. In fact, it seems some are seeing so much clearer views kaya sobrang layo na ng natatanaw nila.

Have you ever been to the City of Love? 

No? Don’t worry, you can always take a selfie with this view from Manila, thanks to the clear skies!

Malayong Tanaw Memes Paris

Photo courtesy of Evan James Agullana Venturina on Facebook

Hello, Lady Liberty!

Wow, imagine if you got this majestic view from Manila all the way to New York everyday? We should really watch how much we’re polluting our airs.

Malayong Tanaw Memes New York

Photo courtesy of Siddha Salvacion on Facebook

No need to be shy

Yes, wag na tayong mahiya. Paisa-isang city pa, but we’ve got clear enough skies anyway that we can see all of these landmarks around the world. 80 Days Around the World who? Pinoys can do it in a day.

Malayong Tanaw Memes World

Photo courtesy of Angelo Quintos on Facebook

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
Malayong Tanaw Memes Avengers Tower

Photo courtesy of Paul Bautista Vallece on Facebook

I think this photo was taken from too far away. Wait a sec, let’s look for a clearer photo . . . Avengers . . . ASSEMBLE?

If only the Avengers could also save us from this pandemic . . . 

Malayong Tanaw Memes Avengers Tower

Photo courtesy of Evan James Agullana Venturina on Facebook

Welcome to K-dramaland

We can even see those iconic places in K-dramaland. Like Jang Man Wol’s Hotel del Luna.

Malayong Tanaw Memes Hotel del Luna

Photo courtesy of Korean 사랑 on Facebook

And welcome to Konoha

Where is Naruto-kun? And Sasuke-kun? Are they still throwing rasengans and chidoris at each other?

Malayong Tanaw Memes Konoha

Photo courtesy of Jilmer Olaybal on Facebook

Ultraman in action

Can they also save us from this pandemic?


From ‘You can’t see me’ to ‘We can see you’ real quick

With how clear the skies are, yung dating di nakikita, ito na. Nagpapakita na. FINALLY. We can definitely see you. Kaway kaway naman diyan kay John Cena! 

Malayong Tanaw Memes John Cena

Photo courtesy of Lionell John Raphael Barua on Facebook


At sa sobrang linaw naman talaga, pati yung katotohanan lumabas na ata. Sigh.


What other views have you seen around from your window?

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