LOOK: This New Visa Allows Filipinos to Take a One-Year Working Holiday in Australia

Multiple entry visas will be issued.
by | September 14, 2023

Whether you wish to try living in a different city after finishing university or want to earn while studying abroad, you’d be delighted to hear that the Philippines and Australia just signed a new visa scheme that will allow Filipinos to work while on vacation in Australia. Here’s everything we know so far:


Work and Holiday visa and Australia

On September 8, 2023, Foreign Affairs Secretary Enrique Manalo and Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Hae Kyong Yu signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that establishes a new Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462) arrangement.

This new visa scheme allows Filipino citizens to have their first extended holiday in Australia (and Australian citizens to have their first extended holiday in the Philippines) AND work in the country to supplement the cost of their stay. Only 200 work and holiday visas will be granted to Filipinos every year.

Student applicants may study for up to four months during their stay in Australia.


Who is eligible to apply for the Work and Holiday visa?

The Work and Holiday visa arrangement is open to Filipinos and Australians:

  • Aged 18 to 31 years old
  • Graduates of tertiary education or have completed at least two years of undergraduate study
  • Met character, health, and national requirements
  • Have medical and health insurance during their stay
  • Have enough money to support themselves, which is about AUD5,000 or approximately PHP180,862

The 12-month period begins from the date of first entry.


How long can Filipino Work and Holiday visa holders stay in Australia?

Subclass 462 visa holders can stay in the country for a non-extendable period of not over one year.


When Filipinos can start applying for the work and holiday visa?

The exact dates are still to be finalized, but Filipinos may start applying for the visa in 2024.


How much will the visa application cost?


The Palace is yet to finalize the application cost, but based on the Australian Department of Home Affairs website, applying for your First Work and Holiday visa might set you back AUD635, or approximately PHP23,086.


How long will it take to process the visa?

According to the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs, the processing time depends on a case-to-case basis. It varies for a range of reasons such as:

  • Whether the applicant included all necessary supporting documents with their application. Double-check them here
  • Whether the applicant lodged a paper or online application. The Department of Home Affairs suggests online processing
  • How quickly an applicant requests more information
  • How long it takes for DHA to perform the required checks
  • How long it takes to receive information from external agencies such as character, health, and national security requirements
  • How many places are available in the migration program for permanent visa applications

You may also use this tool to get an estimate of the processing time.


What kind of work can these visa holders apply for?

During their 12-month stay, visa holders can apply for short-term work or part-time jobs such as barista, grocery store bagger, and fast food attendant.


For more information and updates, visit the Department of Home Affairs official website.


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