5 of the World’s Most Hauntingly Beautiful Macabre Destinations

Here are the perfect places feel the creeps this Halloween.
by | October 24, 2017

Death and beauty make a strangely fascinating combination, and these grim yet stunning destinations prove so! Pack your bags, because here are the perfect places feel the creeps this Halloween:

Pompeii – Italy

What remains of the devatated city of Pompeii is an archaeological wonderland that gives its visitors a glimpse of ancient Rome before Mt. Vesuvius wiped out 2,000 of the city’s 20,000 population in 79 A.D. The 66-hectare UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts extraordinarily preserved millennia-old ruins of buildings such as houses, temples, and amphitheaters that were once hubs of life and socialization in the then-flourishing sophisticated Italian city.

The City of the Dead – Russia

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