Cemeteries of the World: The Eerie, The Beautiful, and The Quirky

Maybe you never really get to know a place until you see where they lay their loved ones to rest.
by | October 25, 2017

Visiting a cemetery isn’t really the kind of activity you’d find on top of a typical holiday-goer’s itinerary, but we’ll tell you what: From the funerary architecture to the life stories of the departed citizens (famous personalities included), to the commemorative rituals and practices, there’s so much to learn about a country’s culture and history by simply taking a stroll down a local graveyard. While such experience doesn’t excite everyone, it’s definitely worth your while if you’ll give it a go.

Here, we give you a glimpse of some of the world’s most beautiful and most unique cemeteries that you can visit:

Bonaventure Cemetery – Savannah, Georgia, USA

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