5 of the World’s Most Hauntingly Beautiful Macabre Destinations

Here are the perfect places feel the creeps this Halloween.
by | October 24, 2017

Aokigahara forest: trekkers who want an unconventional viewing spot to admire Mt. Fuji, curious adventurers who want to encounter the strange, and disheartened souls who have no plans of leaving. Infamously tagged as the “Suicide Forest,” Aokigahara Forest is a popular destination for people who wish to claim their own lives — so popular that the estimated number of deaths that take place here each year is 100. Camping is permitted in the 35 sq. km forest, in case you want to be in the company of tormented yurei (ghosts) for a night. But due to the terrain’s magnetic iron-rich soil, cellular service isn’t available (compasses don’t even function properly here!), so you better find better ways to cry for help, should the need arise.

Tower of London – United Kingdom

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