At A Glance: The World’s Least Stressful Cities

150 cities around the world were ranked based on various stress-inducing factors.
by | September 18, 2017

The capital of Baden-Württemberg ranks first on the list of the world’s least stressful cities — besting three other German cities in the top ten — mainly for amount of green spaces, perception of security, family purchase power, and gender equality.

A verdant city, Stuttgart boasts breathtakingly lush green vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see. Numerous parks such as Schlossgarten, Rosensteinpark, and Killesbergpark surround the city center, but if you’re up for exploring the great outdoors, take a day trip to the famous and mystical Black Forest, which is often associated to the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales (it is said that Hansel and Gretel came across the evil witch in this forest).

Stuttgart isn’t just all about the greens, though. It’s also a manufacturing hub that thrills car enthusiasts with the headquarters of top-tier auto companies as well as museums for automobile giants like Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

2. Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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