At A Glance: The World’s Least Stressful Cities

150 cities around the world were ranked based on various stress-inducing factors.
by | September 18, 2017

This port city along the Garonne River keeps its people at ease with green spaces, decreased noise pollution, and low traffic.

The core of France’s renowned wine-growing region offers visitors more than just a good bottle of du vin. A former “sleeping beauty” of a city, Bordeaux has emerged as an exciting destination with an air of sophistication — “The very essence of elegance,” as Queen Elizabeth II describes it — attracting a rising number of travelers with its colorful culinary scene, trendy shopping districts, and flamboyant structures like the Bordeaux Cathedral, Place de la Bourse, and Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux that are picturesque at every inch.

7. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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