At A Glance: The World’s Least Stressful Cities

150 cities around the world were ranked based on various stress-inducing factors.
by | September 18, 2017

With low levels of air pollution and traffic, wealth of green spaces, reliable public transportation, good mental health, and race equality, the capital of Scotland comes seventh in the least stressful cities.

Edinburgh is backed by an eloquent past, and the compact city itself tells its story through centuries-old structures, delectable local fare, and bustling art scene. Propped across a series of rocky hills overlooking the sea, Edinburgh is an alluring city that treats the eyes to some of the most remarkable panoramic views, which are best seen from Arthur’s Seat, the main peak of the hills in Edinburgh that form most of Holyrood Park. But, of course, the focal point of this splendid city is the Edinburgh Castle, which continues to play a crucial role in shaping the country’s history.

8. Sydney, Australia

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