Embrace the Slow Life at This Picturesque Farm Retreat in Cavite

The place even has an arcade!
by | December 29, 2021

Everyone needs a break from their fast-paced, frantic life. So if you’ve had enough of the city and your 9-to-5 routine, go ahead and file those VLs, or simply treat yourself to a weekend staycation. Alperi Farm in Cavite is the ideal place to slow down, reconnect with nature, and feel like yourself again.


Alperi Farm

Located in West Amadeo (just a few minutes away from Tagaytay), Alperi Farm is a family-owned farm home that lets guests experience the simple life without sacrificing comfort.

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The 250 square meter home is stylish and spacious. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the place can accommodate up to 15 guests.

Clockwise from top-left: Bedroom 1’s king bed and sofa bed; The pullout bed at Bedroom 1; Bedroom 2 has a queen bed and two bunk beds; Bedroom 3 has a queen bed and sofa bed (via Airbnb)

The home has got everything you need for a comfortable stay: a fully-equipped kitchen and an indoor and outdoor dining area, as well as a lounge area. Furnished with light wood and white pieces, the entire home feels both cozy and spacious (and would also look great for the ‘gram).

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Other amenities

With 2000 square meters, there’s plenty of beauty to take in and explore at Alperi Farm — a welcome change from the often stifling urban jungle. On sunny days, you can cool off at the pool or put your feet up at the outdoor lounge area.

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The place has plenty of greenery and a jogging path. At night, you could also warm yourselves up by a bonfire at the property’s firepit.

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Farm stays are usually places people visit to get off the grid and reconnect with nature. While you can do that at Alperi Farm, the stay is also decked out with entertainment options you won’t usually find in similar properties. There’s also a playhouse, a bird sanctuary, a gym, and even a theater and arcade room — so your friends and family can definitely stay entertained for days. And if you need to answer some emails or even work remotely, that’s no problem, because the place also has 200mbps internet.

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Rates at Alperi Farm start at ₱16,357/night. You can book a stay at Alperi Farm via their Airbnb page. For information on travel protocols and requirements, please message the property.


  • zeny perez

    can you suggest a farm-like destination for 10 seniors (all women) with a house. we only need a small sala where we can make chikahan, kitchen where we can cook, eat and a garden where we can play games and a room where we can relax or take a nap in the afternoon? maybe 2 hour travel from makati. we only need a day tour 9am-4pm, You can also quote an overnite stay should our family be interested. since we are all seniors (pension-earners only) – we need a reasonable priced place.

    January 30, 2022 at 11:57 am

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