farm Tag

Get the best of both worlds!

Have all this space to yourself!

It's perfect for curling up in with a book!

The farmhouse can accommodate up to 8 guests, as well as your furbabies.

Hillbarn Tagaytay will open its doors November this year.

You’ll have the entire property during your stay.

You can bring your furbabies too!

You don’t have to travel far from the city to get a slice of nature.

Enjoy the great outdoors in this private paradise.

Three hectares of pure nature.

It's just 5-10 minutes from the beach!

It has a spring-fed swimming pool.

Just a three-hour drive from the Metro.

You can bring your pets too.

It's the first MILF camp that was developed into an agritourism resort.

Craving for a change in scenery? If you're tired of staying cooped up in the concrete jungle, it may be high time to immerse yourself in nature. That doesn't necessarily mean a hardcore camping trip in the middle of nowhere

Enjoy nature and learn about farming!

The property has ties to the Lupang Hinirang's lyricist!

Can't go to La Trinidad? Just head over to Cavite!

This KBBQ is as fresh as it gets!

Perfect for family reunions!