Metro Manila

No time to head to Bataan?

If you've got the budget, then why not?

Find a slice of peace in the buzzing metro.

Here's to learning something new!

You know what they say: you only live once.

There’s an outdoor cinema setup at night.

There are still plenty of spots to discover in Intramuros.

Have a unique cafe experience in the metro.

Giving us teamLab Planets TOKYO vibes.

They’re pet-friendly too.

You can rent the whole space for events too.

It’s just coffee, views, and vibes!

Everything’s so pretty!

Feel the romance with a cup of coffee!

So IG-worthy!

They even have an area for your power naps too.

Life is tough; this is one of the many ways we’re coping. 

It’s just in Navotas City too!

Conquer your fear of deep waters.

Perfect pit stop when touring around Intramuros.

Pagpag is a must after the tour.