Metro Manila

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What secrets do these walls hold?

There's more to Manila than the usual tourist traps.

IG-worthy trip to the grocery.

Going out for a morning stroll can improve your mood.

The interior of this 2D cafe brings great illusions, their milk tea menu brings great joy.

From budget listings with a view to luxurious apartments with indoor pools.

Enjoy movies by the bay!

Outdoor dining experience right in the heart of Intramuros.

Good coffee even made better with good interiors.

It's located near the Andres Bonifacio monument in Lawton.

They clearly look different from above.

Relaxation in the heart of the city.

For the happy tummy and IG feed!

There's one in Intramuros!

Gone are the days when coffee was merely a morning pick-me-upper. Today, it is taken more seriously with the rise of what they call third wave coffee—a movement that aims to promote high quality coffee. Metro Manila is filled with cafes offering these specialty coffees, paying attention to every step of the process—from growing the plant to brewing. A lot of them are roasted on-site. A first of the series, we’ve explored some of Metro Manila’s must-try third wave cafes. Our first stop: Quezon City! Aside from being the largest in the region, it houses the most number of third wave cafes in the metro. Check some of them out:   Chapter Coffee Roastery and Cafe

Perfect for International Museum Day!