5 Ghost Hunting Destinations in the Philippines

There’s something strange in the neighborhood.
by | October 25, 2017

Corregidor Night Ride

But thrill-seekers may want to opt to stay on the island overnight just to do a little ghost-hunting on the side. If you bring bicycles, you can explore on your own and go on a creepy night ride around Corregidor passing through all the ruins and through Malinta Tunnel. For those who prefer to walk, the Malinta Tunnel Night Lateral Tour allows guests to explore the old Corregidor Hospital Ruins and Malinta Tunnel’s 24 lateral tunnels, which are believed to be highly haunted. At one point, your guide will ask you to turn off your flashlights and you have to walk completely in the dark to experience how it was during World War II when soldiers had to endure total darkness.


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