Glamp in Aesthetic Geodesic Dome Tents at This Off the Grid Campsite in Cavinti

You even have to take a boat to get to the campsite.
by | January 26, 2021

Glamping, a portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping,” offers the best of both worlds for those wanting to bask in nature while enjoying certain comforts. In the Philippines, the concept has increasingly become popular with more and more glamping spots opening each month. You can glamp in Bukidnon next to a strawberry field, wake up with a view of a sea of clouds in Baguio, or by Taal Lake in Batangas. Hotels are great but glamping gets you closer to nature and sometimes it provides a better overall experience.


Geodesic domes that are proudly Pinoy

Glamping Etc in Cavinti, Laguna is one such place. Those looking for a respite from the city or even just a quick getaway will find the serene surroundings the very definition of relaxation. The gigantic geodesic domes are made and sourced with 100% local materials. They were “completely built on-site with serious precision and plenty of math” making them the “first-ever geodesic domes in the Philippines.”

Since the campsite is off-grid, they only rely on solar energy for electricity. You might want to bring extra batteries and power banks just in case.

Inside is spacious enough for a double bed, chairs, and tables with plenty of room left for movement. It even has its own private bathroom so you won’t have to worry about sharing with fellow campers. A portion of the dome is clear, treating guests to a view of the sunrise over the lake during the mornings and a starlit night sky during the evenings.

While breakfasts are free, lunch and dinner can be ordered in advance from a menu at the bar.


Relaxing activities you can try

After dropping your bags and settling right in, you can choose from a number of activities on site. In the mornings, guests can go kayaking and fishing by the lake or simply enjoy a quiet swim. During sunsets, they can prop up a chair and watch the sun go down, tingeing the world with color. And finally, at night, the hosts can arrange a bonfire set up capping off the “camping” part.

Guests who wish to explore more beyond the property would be glad to know that Cavinti Waterfalls and Underground Cave are just nearby.

Booking a stay

Glamping Etc! is available on Airbnb with a number of accommodations you can book. Rates start at P3,116 per night for two. You can also visit their official website to get a quote. There are three geodesic domes and a family tent available for booking. For further inquiries, send Glamping Etc! a message on Facebook.


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