A Guide to a Fun-Filled Day in Universal Studios Japan

Make the most out of your family's USJ experience.
by | March 13, 2018

3. Set aside budget for lunch

Theme park food doesn’t come cheap, and bringing food inside is prohibited. It’s not advisable to skip lunch altogether because you’re going to need the energy and sustenance for a fun-filled day.

If you’re at the park with somebody, you can opt to share a meal and split the cost. Some of the restaurants give hefty servings anyway, and if you don’t have that big of an appetite, you can indulge in a little bit and then gorge down on a much cheaper and fuller dinner elsewhere. Expect your lunch to cost at least 1,500 yen, and that’s just for the fast food-style meals!

Check out the restaurants in USJ here.

4. Visit during seasonal events to experience more attractions

USJ is known to have unique seasonal events, namely the Universal Jump Summer from July to end of September, Halloween Horror Night from mid-September to mid-November, and Wonder Christmas from mid-November to mid-January. This 2018 also marks the beginning of an all-new seasonal event called Universal Cool Japan running from mid-January to end of June featuring attractions from popular and well-loved Japanese pop culture franchises like Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy, Detective Conan, and Monster Hunter.

The limited-time attractions from each of these seasonal events are super exciting and not to be missed, and it makes you want to come back and visit the park multiple times within the year knowing you have something extra to look forward to other than the staple rides you’ve already gone on.

Pro-tip: Try planning your visit on Halloween because you’ll be amazed and amused by how dedicated the Japanese are to dressing up for the occasion!

5. Take note of parades and special performances

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