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LOOK: SM Pampanga is Opening the Country’s First Drive-In Cinema

Drive-in cinemas can be the next new normal.
by | July 24, 2020

The usual family or barkada weekly movie dates have turned into Netflix parties and binge-watching in the living room as we all went into quarantine. But as we adjust to the normal, something from the ’50s is making a comeback on July 31 at SM Pampanga’s Amphitheater.


Drive-in Cinema at SM Pampanga

SM Pampanga is opening its Amphitheater for the country’s first drive-in cinema, “Movies at Sundown”. If you’ve been missing watching movies on the big screen, you can do it again through this unique experience. You don’t have to worry about being cramped in a space full of strangers as you safely practice social distancing.

You can watch movies from the comforts of your own vehicle, just like in the 50s. It’s something nostalgic for our grandparents and new fun experience for the new generation. Just make sure to secure a good parking spot for the best views!


What are the screening schedules?

Movies at Sundown will happen from Fridays to Sundays with screening schedules at 5:30 PM and 8:20 PM. Just like the normal cinema, an entrance fee of Php 400 will be charged, inclusive of snacks like popcorn, hotdogs, and water. The best part is you can bring as much food as you can or even the prohibited snacks we couldn’t bring inside the cinema before!


What are social distancing measures to follow?

Strict social distancing measures still have to be followed and up to 4 persons are allowed per vehicle.

SM Pampanga’s efforts to bring a semblance of the old normal and ease the cabin fever is just the beginning. Sooner or later, we might see more drive-in cinemas in different locations as we adjust to the new normal.


Would you go to a drive-in cinema?


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