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by | April 28, 2016

One of the things that makes summer as special as it is the fact that it’s fleeting. Warm weather and blue skies may follow us through a majority of the year, but the infectious feeling of adventure and possibility only lasts for a few short months. This only gives us more reason to make the most out of our free days, regardless of whether the city harkens us back to it by nightfall.

Check out these daytrip destinations to help fulfill your quota of summer fun.

Morong, Bataan

Drive north towards the white beaches and crystal waters of Morong, Bataan and spend the day at Vista Venice. For PHP 999 per head, their day tour includes morning and afternoon snacks, a buffet lunch, and activities such as kayaking, jet skiing and aqua biking. The resort also provides use of a banana boat, along with island hopping, ziplining, rappelling, wall climbing and airsoft.

Laiya, Batangas

Tucked into Laiya in San Juan, Batangas is the luxurious Acuatico Resort, which offers a day tour for PHP 2,700 per head. The fee is inclusive of cabana use, as well as lunch and an afternoon snack. With Batangas a convenient drive away and the gorgeous amenities of Acuatico at your disposal, rest and relaxation is readily at hand.

Candelaria, Zambales

A short drive from Subic lies Isla Vista Beach Resort, where you can look forward to spending your day singing your heart out on their videoke machine, playing volleyball, billiards, basketball, badminton and table tennis. Visitors can also opt to spend the day with a picnic at one of their picnic sheds (PHP 350, accommodates 8), or relaxing with a good book at one of their cottages (PHP 2,000, accommodates 16) or beach front sheds (PHP500 for 6 pax, PHP 800 for 12 pax). Entrance fee is PHP 100 per head for adults and PHP 50 for children less than four feet.

Real, Quezon

Get off the beaten path and spend your precious weekend at Real, Quezon, known for its surf. Entrance to Blue Pavilion Beach Resort is PHP 100 per head and is free for kids 3 feet and below. The resort offers open cabanas which can be rented out for PHP 500 for the day, or you can opt to camp out with a matching bonfire for the afternoon for a fee of PHP 350 per two-person tent. Visitors can look forward to chilling by The Deck, which houses a bar overlooking the resort and the waterfront; retreating to the Game Room, which offers billiards, table tennis, darts, board games and a basketball court right outside; or simply relaxing by the beach with a cold drink while watching the surfers catch waves.

Caliraya, Laguna


Caliraya Resort Club Inc., located in Brgy. Lewin Lumban Laguna, offers a day tour for PHP 2,200, inclusive of an eat all you can buffet lunch, as well as use of both adult pools and the kids pool. If that isn’t tempting enough, the day tour is also inclusive of use of their slip and slide, slide pinoy, earthball and obstacle course, along with free ferry and jeepney transfers around the resort.

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