Post-Marawi Siege Projects of #ForMindanao

Let peace reign.
by | October 30, 2018

Project “Siyap”, which means “Protection” in Maranao, is a social and livelihood program aimed at helping families of indigent detainees. A detainee can face trial lasting for many years and often leaves behind family members especially their children to become out of school youths. By undergoing training in financial literacy and entrepreneurship, family members of a detainee will find another way to avoid further financial, social and emotional suffering.

According to #ForMindanao “Each family of indigent detention prisoners of Provincial Jail, Tampilong, Marawi City, Lanao Del Sur shall be provided with start-up capital and mentored on how to start businesses.



These are just some of the more than a dozen projects being funded and monitored by #ForMindanao, in coordination with various volunteer organizations spread out in the provinces of Lanao Del Sur and Lanao Del Norte, as a way of easing out the effects of the Marawi Siege. With the help of these livelihood and psych-social programs, #ForMindanao hopes to see a radical improvement in the lives of those affected by the Battle of Marawi.


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