Take a Much-Needed Breather Above the Clouds at This Scenic Ridge in Tanay

For a simple getaway.
by | June 09, 2021

You don’t have to spend thousands of pesos to have a good time. Sometimes, all you need is a short drive to a remote location, enjoy what nature has to offer, and let go of everything that makes you feel stressed for a short while. If you’re craving this experience, this campsite in Tanay, Rizal is worth checking out:


Tara sa Gulod

Whether you just want a short drive to catch a beautiful sunrise or want to camp under the stars and enjoy cool weather, Tara sa Gulod is a simple campsite that would give you an unforgettable experience. Nestled in Tanay, the picturesque site offers panoramic views of the Sierra Madre Mountain range. If you’re looking for a stress-free zone, this is definitely one.

Vehicles can enter the site but if you’re looking for adventure, the short 15-30 minute walk would be worth it. Plus, you’ll have more time to make stops and take photos! There isn’t really much in the campsite aside from viewing decks, spots for lounging, camping grounds, and the true star of the show: the breathtaking view.

According to their page, the best time to catch the sunrise is between 5 to 7 AM. So it’s either you stay overnight or arrive very early and get the chance to experience the magical view.

Day tour (5 AM – 5 PM) is at P120 per head while an overnight stay (4 PM – 9 AM) is at P250 per head. Guests are free to bring their own camping tents and gear with a tent pitching fee of P100 or just rent one for P300 (4 pax) or P600 (6 pax). The ridges are the perfect spot to set up a picnic. No need to go to an expensive restaurant when you can rent a cottage for P200 and bring your favorite home-cooked meals. It’s the most inexpensive alfresco dining experience, and you’ll get a stunning view.

If you plan on staying overnight, make sure to bring flashlights and be ready with appropriate clothing – there’s no electricity at the campsite and the weather can get very chilly.


How to get there

From Cogeo, ride a jeepney to Sampaloc, Tanay, and drop off at Sitio Mayagay 1 or Martessem. Then follow the road to Brgy. Laiban and turn left at the intersection with the Gulod signage. For clearer instructions, contact Mark Anthony Jungco at 0932-959-8408.


For more information about Tara sa Gulod, visit their official Facebook page.


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