Why You Should Consider Private Expeditions vs. Package Tours

Hop on or off?
by | November 27, 2018

Want to just enjoy taking pictures or have time to fly a drone in the places you visit? Maybe you need a snack break? Or maybe you just want to chill out and take a nap in one spot instead of trying to hop from island to island to see as many spots as you can.


In larger groups, some guests are sticklers for following the itinerary to the dot in terms of time, while others prefer to savor the experience and just lounge around more. With a private tour, you can stop as often as you like (within reason), savor the experience, and don’t have to worry about pleasing anyone else.

In terms of photography, it’s hard to get clean shots of destinations during group tours, but we were able to visit a few popular islands and sandbars during off-peak times when the rest of the hordes hadn’t arrived yet or had left already.


It’s More Sustainable

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