Why You Should Consider Private Expeditions vs. Package Tours

Hop on or off?
by | November 27, 2018

In private tours, the crew assigned to your group can offer more personalised service. This is not possible during larger group trips, where guides have to cater to many guests. For instance, if you’re going snorkeling or hiking in a large group, it may be difficult for just one guide to keep an eye on all guests and ensure their safety. There’s an ideal ratio of guides to guests, that’s usually not followed in larger tour groups just to keep costs down. This may result in accidents during a trip especially if you happen to get lumped in a group with unruly or high-maintenance guests who require more attention.


Since our group was small, we got to know members of our crew personally and enjoyed socials with them at night, which made the travel experience even more special.


Unique and Customized Experience

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