Why You Should Consider Private Expeditions vs. Package Tours

Hop on or off?
by | November 27, 2018

Bulk tours to the most popular hotspots in a destination are part of the whole system contributing to mass tourism. This allows larger groups of travelers to descend on the most popular and iconic destinations in a place. It becomes a checklist of places to visit based on what’s the most popular. Group Tours usually hand out drinks in plastic bottles and pre-packaged food wrapped in plastic or styrofoam packs to guests for convenience.


Private Expeditions to lesser-explored areas are more sustainable and reduce the impact of travel. During our expedition, we visited remote islands and beaches that rarely get visited, bought fresh seafood from fishing villages and consumed less resources. Kawil Tours requested us to bring our own reusable water bottles to lessen the neeed to buy bottled drinks and served meals with real plates and utensils to lessen disposable waste and have lower impact on the environment.

For families, groups and barkadas who don’t mind spending a bit more for quality and unique travel experiences, these are just a few reasons to consider a private trip during your next trip.

For Private Trips, Live Onboard Expeditions, Island Overnights and Historical Tours around Culion and Coron in Palawan, contact Kawil Tours.


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