Why You Should Consider Private Expeditions vs. Package Tours

Hop on or off?
by | November 27, 2018

With private expeditions, you get a say on the route, how long you spend on each island or spot and the standard of accommodations pre-and post trip. We got to sleep overnight in different beach resorts and islands around Culion, which came out cheaper than if we had taken day trips and stayed in a hotel in Coron.

On our first night, we slept on tents and hammocks on a remote beach somewhere on the Western side of Culion. Another night, we bunked out on open air huts with a view of the sea and hills.


The trip felt more immersive since we stopped by different fisherfolk communities to buy fresh food supplies and even got a hand at traditional handline fishing for our own food.

We got to enjoy the different beaches, snorkeling spots, sandbars and whole islands to ourselves. The food during mealtimes was much better than typical package tour buffets. In packaged group tours, you have to be fast or you’ll run out of food. Food is typically just ordinary pre-cooked fare because operators have to cook in bulk to keep costs down. But during private expeditions, the quality is much better and there’s much more to go around.



Quality Time

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