Asian Airlines with the Best Business Class Experience

You need to include these in your bucket list.
by | July 16, 2018


EVA Air’s Business Class section — dubbed “Royal Laurel Class” — in its Boeing 777-300ERs can be described as sleek and modern with seats that guarantee comfort, privacy, and personal space.

The seats are designed to look like you’re tucked inside your own little private space as they are angled to face away from the aisle and towards the windows (called the “inward herringbone” layout) and its walls almost completely close you off from the outside world. It even has a foot cubby to give you that extra legroom that’s out of your neighbor’s line of sight.

Each seat also features a lot of storage spaces, a retractable LCD screen, noise-canceling headphones, USB ports and a power outlet, and an amenity kit that is contained inside a handy Rimowa hard case.

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