Asian Airlines with the Best Business Class Experience

You need to include these in your bucket list.
by | July 16, 2018


If there’s only one word to describe Emirates’ Business Class service, it would be “golden.”

The entire section, bathed in white and gold color, gives an aura of luxury that reflects the quality of service you’re guaranteed to experience during the flight. It’s located a floor above the Economy passengers which makes boarding and disembarking the plane much easier and quicker.

Once you enter the plane, you are greeted right away with a tall glass of golden champagne as you settle down on your seat. This is accompanied by a Bulgari amenity kit, an in-seat mini-bar stocked with juices, sodas, and bottled water. If you’re in the mood for snacks at any time during the flight, you can simply head to the bar at the back of the plane for sandwiches and other bar chow.

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