This Newly Opened Cafe in Tagaytay Is a Must-Visit for Plantitos and Plantitas

Plantitos, plantitas, rise!
by | November 30, 2020

After nearly a year of simply staying at home, you’ve probably been itching to go to places to get a breath of fresh air and enjoy some good food. And while you might still not feel safe enough for overnight or weekend trips, maybe a day trip or even just a lunch out could satisfy that itch. But the question is, where should you go? Well, we’ve got just the recommendation for you: Greenhouse Cafe, a newly opened cafe in Tagaytay that’s just the perfect Instagram-worthy tambayan for all the plantitos and plantitas out there.


Greenhouse Cafe is the first ever of its type in Tagaytay. It’s green, green, green everywhere you look, since it is set inside a homey greenhouse full of plants both familiar and rare. You can enjoy that fresh air you’ve been craving for with some of the rarest plants found in different parts of the Philippines and Asia. So aspiring plantitos and plantitas, you can definitely learn a lot at this place.

Of course, along with that breath of fresh air and all that knowledge comes so many Instagram-worthy photos. Hanging on some walls are photos of more depiction of nature’s beauty, which simply adds to the charm of the cafe. You can stand anywhere or sit at any table inside the greenhouse, and you’ll definitely get something you can post for your feed (maybe even all of them!) because you can never go wrong with lush greenery.


This pretty cafe has all sorts of offerings for your tummy. From appetizers, soups, and salads to pasta, rice meals, and Pinoy favorites, you can indulge in a hearty full course meal. The all-time Filipino favorites on their menu are for sharing, and we’d really want to try their Original Bulalo. But if you’re just dropping by for a quick bite, you can always enjoy their wide range of beverage selection, which includes juices, fruit shakes, tea, and coffee. Make sure to pair it with a sandwich or a sweet treat.


The Greenhouse Cafe is located at Casa Celina Tagaytay (which you can also search up on the maps and Waze), and they’re open every day from 8 AM to 8 PM, so you can definitely drop by for a visit during breakfast, lunch, or early dinner. It’s really perfect for a day trip. Just note that they only accept 20 persons at a time during the community quarantine and it’s always on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Would you go here? For more information, head on to Greenhouse Cafe’s Facebook page.

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