Eat Often, Eat Well: 15 Must-Try Xiaochi When in Taiwan According to the Locals

Snacking in the land of xiao long bao.
by | October 11, 2017

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Not for the faint of heart, the stinky tofu is Taiwan’s most infamous street-side specialty. Its revolting scent, a result of a lengthy fermentation period, is often compared to that of a garbage truck or sewer by tourists, but the locals believe that the smellier the tofu, the better.

Where to get it: Most night markets have stalls of stinky tofu attracting adventurous foreign foodies and locals alike. Since the stench of the stinky tofu can be smelled from afar, you can trust your nose to lead you to the nearest stinky tofu stall in the night market you’re visiting.

13. Tian Bu La

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