The One-Month Weekend Travel Challenge: January Edition

Start the year with these mini-adventures!
by | January 05, 2017

It’s a new year! And that means you have a whole new calendar to fill with new and exciting adventures. Start your year with amazing travels and activities. Try this challenge!

Weekend 1: Ball Pit Manila

Catch up with old friends and free yourself from the stress of adulting in this adult playground, Ball Pit Manila. Trust us, you won’t have trouble releasing your inner child here. The place is exclusively for 16-year- olds and older and there are 80,000 pieces of white balls you can “swim” in! You can play games and take as many selfies as you can for an hour. You can also play card games outside the ball pit and sip some of the free coffee.

You can drop in or reserve through Ball Pit Manila’ site and pay PHP299/hour. January celebrants get in for free for this month, just bring along two other paying friends.

Weekend 2: Rakrakan Festival

Dance/head bang/shoe gaze/mosh to the hits of 100 OPM bands in one massive venue. Yes: one hundred bands! Presented by Rakrakan, OPM Against Drugs Festival is one of the loudest and biggest events this year. Surely, you don’t want to miss the music, the street art, and even skate competition on this exciting Saturday night.

There will be five stages: Move, Indie, Mosh, Slam and Groove. Not only will you enjoy watching your favorite band live, this music festival is presented by Pasay City Anti-Drug Abuse Council to raise awareness on drug abuse and addiction.

Visit their Facebook page for ticket inquiries.

Weekend 3: Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River and Cave

Start your year with a hike around Mount Daraitan and enjoy the exquisite view of the Sierra Madre range from the summit.

The trail may be a little tough for beginners, but the heavenly view (watch out for the sea of clouds and the heart-shaped lake) as a reward is so worth it.  After the eight-hour climb, swim in the majestic Tinipak River and be amazed by the picturesque rock formations. You can even swin inside a cave! Read about it here.

This budget trip will cost you PHP500 for the guide, for up to 10 people. If you want to stay overnight, you’ll find affordable rooms and cottages at the foot of the mountain.

Weekend 4: Aquascape Cottages in Lake Caliraya

Escape to this unique staycation place in Caliraya, Laguna. Aquascape adds a new cottage to its collection. The Floating Suite is much bigger compared to resort’s the other cottages. Bring your close friends as it can accommodate up to six people, with two double beds and complete amenities.

Oh and the cottage is motorized. This basically means you can party in the middle of the lake and wake up to the sweet sound of nature with the lake under your feet. They also have other relaxing amenities such as the fish spa, an open-air Jacuzzi, and a bonfire area.

The cottage costs PHP10,000 a night, visit their Facebook page for reservations and more details.

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