When You Go Solo: Why I Travel Alone

Traveling alone can reveal a better version of you, can help you be in the moment: just like falling in love.
by | September 12, 2016

When people ask me why I travel alone, I usually have a couple of answers. Sometimes I say that it’s because I wanted to prove that I can do it, other times I tell them it’s just less work to plan a trip by myself. But when I really think about, there’s only one real reason why I do things for myself: I want to be happy. And traveling makes me happy.

When I did it for the first time, I didn’t know that it would make me feel so elated and free. I knew that I needed to do something different and exciting because I just went through a really painful experience in life. I was in hell and I wanted to find my new heaven.

The thought of soul searching was a little corny for me and so when one of my favorite bands announced a concert in Hong Kong, I didn’t hesitate to fly there alone.


Even though I have never enjoyed eating or shopping alone, that decision opened up a whole different world for me. I had no itinerary and no idea what I wanted to do. But I packed my bags and summoned the warrior in me. What I experienced during that trip was so much more than what I expected. You see I was never the kind of girl who thought she’d enjoy solitude. That short Hong Kong trip was an eye opener and the craving for solo trips just grew stronger as the years passed.
Starting with that spark of courage I slowly challenged myself to take adventures and accomplishing little things without waiting for the company or approval of other people.

Traveling helped me greatly to deal with my personal challenges.

Some people may not be interested in the prospect of going somewhere abroad by themselves. But if you’d like to consider it, remember, you have quite a number of exciting revelations and surprising self-discoveries when you go solo.


You will feel braver and get braver.

There will be times when you don’t know what you’re doing but you’ll eventually feel that it’s okay to fail and to still try—that a little surprise is not all that bad. Gain experience and soon you’ll no longer feel afraid.

Many things and many people will inspire you.

Have you ever read or heard stories of adventures and misadventures from other fellow travelers? Not yet? Then get ready to listen and learn. Sometimes you’ll start imagining yourself taking the same trips and paths that they’ve had. You never know, the next person you meet might just change your life.


You become a part of something truly beautiful.

If you think there’s no point in busting your ass at work everyday, just imagine the places you can see and the things you can experience because of your hard-earned money. In my opinion, that’s enough reason to keep you going forward.

The excitement of doing something is magnified.

There’s this tingling sensation that will run through your body when you travel alone and know that you’ll be immersed in wonderful places or get to try something new every time. No limits.


You get back to your home with renewed energy.

Nothing beats stress and fatigue more than a nice and refreshing vacation. It works, every time. Maybe that’s why traveling solo is quite addictive.

You discover something new about yourself that you’re not aware of.

Sometimes we’re so preoccupied by our work and social activities that we no longer have enough moments to be alone and be introspective. When you travel alone you have plenty of time to challenge and depend on yourself. You will feel things you haven’t felt before, and you will get to know another version of you that you haven’t met yet.
Traveling alone can help you discover your inner happiness—it might even help reveal a better version of you. Without prejudice from other people, you can let go and be in the moment, just like falling in love.


So, if you’re ready to be happy, pack your bags and go on a trip with yourself.

All photos by AJ Cadavedo. 

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