Who Says Cabins are Only for Mountains? This Cabin Resort in Bulacan Will Take Your Breath Away

This cabin lodging in San Miguel municipality is a secluded adventure haven in the middle of nowhere.
by | April 16, 2021

When we speak of cabins, we often think of wooden lodges set up in rustic areas in the mountains or at least somewhere with a foggy atmosphere. Drive up to the cold regions of Baguio and Sagada, set up a fire pit, brew native coffee, don that cardigan that you wear only during Christmas, sit by the window, look into nothingness, and there you go…you’re now the main character in your own movie. There’s just something with cabins and foggy places that make us feel like we’re in a moody indie film.

But do you know that the rugged country energy of cabins also matches the native, tropical vibes of plain fields? This resort in San Miguel, Bulacan is situated right in the middle of vast rice fields of Region 3, the so-called Rice Bowl of the Philippines. No fogs, no pine trees, no mountain ranges. Instead, you see cotton being swept by the wind, golden-brown rice stalks ready for harvest, and towering coconut trees.

The Cabin Resorts is a rustic, tropically-inspired accommodation with lodges set out in the open field and under the scorching heat of the sun. If you think that living in the middle of plain fields would leave you dry and exhausted, don’t worry, it has a man-made lake and refreshing pools that would quench your yearning for that summer dip.

If you haven’t tried living the cabin vibe before, here is your chance to do it. It’s so close to Metro Manila, you could easily go there within an hour. Just make sure you have your travel requirements on hand for a hassle-free journey.

We’ve already gushed about The Cabin Resorts before, but here are some more reasons why you should add this to your bucket list:



Get an infinite view of the rice fields as you swim

You might have tried swimming in the pools of Pansol, Laguna, the “team-building capital of the Philippines,” in the infinity pools of Tagaytay, or in overlooking rooftop pools of skyscrapers in Makati and BGC. But have you tried dipping yourself in pools surrounded by plain fields? It’s like finding an oasis right in the middle of a desert, only that in this case, it’s rice fields.


Kayak your problems away through the calm man-made lake

If you still want to embody that indie film persona of yours, you could try kayaking in this serene lake. Forget your problems one row at a time. Each time you row, think of that 1,000-calorie burger that’s making you guilty. If you have a partner or a friend with you, this is also a perfect place to argue over that one screenshot. If you want to ask for a scenic picture, doing these all at once would make it seem effortless and natural—”having flowy conversations by the lake”—your followers on Instagram wouldn’t hear what you were talking about as you have that pictorial anyway.


Get all rugged and bumpy with an ATV ride

Who says ATV rides are only Instagrammable in Mayon Volcano or in Mount Pinatubo? You really don’t have to go that far to get all that action. If you’re tired of soaking yourself in pools, then maybe it’s time to get all rugged and dusty with this action-packed ATV ride. You don’t need a driver’s license. All you need is your drive for fun. And by the way, it’s not really required to take off your shirt. With or without a summer bod, I’m sure you’ll nail this.


Practice archery in time for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

In case you still want to practice for the upcoming Summer Games this July, it’s never too late. The quiet nature of this place makes it more conducive for you to concentrate on hitting that bull’s eye. Just make sure there’s no person in front of your sight if you’re about to make that shot. And again, no one is obliging anyone to show your summer bod as you take that shot. But if it’s for social media purposes, then I’d say, “do it for the ‘Gram!”


Meditate with nature


Meditating comes on a whole new level when the place is free from outside noise. And when we say noise, we do not only mean by sounds, but also outside factors like stress coming from your work, environment, or the routine you practice daily. Allow yourself to break free and let loose. Grab your yoga mat, take out that book, and just let your body be in one with nature.


Feel the rustic cabin vibes

After trying out all the different activities offered at this cabin lodging, it’s time to just admire the peace and serenity of the surroundings. Isn’t it just peaceful to lay on the green, green grass of home? Well, technically, this is not your real home but the magic of this place lies in the fact that staying here makes you feel at home. If you’re feeling burned out by the noise of the city, this is a perfect place to rejuvenate your tired senses. No honks to hear, no crowded urban jungle to navigate. But if you wish to bring your work here, they’re open to giving promos for longer-term stays, especially for those who want to make their work-from-home setup closer to nature.

The Cabin Resorts is open only to residents from NCR Plus until further notice. Once the pandemic restrictions are eased to General Community Quarantine, this cabin lodging would still maintain controlled operations.

For P7,500, couples can enjoy their privacy at the Deluxe Cabin, which could accommodate up to a maximum of 3 people on a regular day, sans the pandemic. Larger groups can have more space in the Loft Cabin, which can house six to eight people.

For more information about their operations, you may contact them here.


Are you now stoked to visit this cabin lodging right in the middle of the plains? If you’ve been here, we’d love to hear about your experience!


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