5 Extreme Activities for Adrenaline Junkies in PH

Experience twice the thrill.
by | July 30, 2016

Being a diverse archipelago, the Philippines houses a lot of different places and attractions that cater to all kinds of adventurers. Filipinos have always been known for our mettle, always open to the new and exciting. We’re willing to spend for anything that’ll spark our interest and make for a good adventure, which is why thrilling activities  can be found wherever you go.

For those who love to live life on the edge, here are some activities you just have to try.

Rollercoaster Zipline

Nuvali, Laguna and Sandbox, Pampanga

Budget: NUVALI- PHP150 (individual rate) – PHP450 (minimum package)

SANDBOX- PHP150 (individual rate) – PHP340 (minimum package)

Ditch the plain, straight trail of a regular zipline, and get twice the thrill with a rollercoaster version. Experience the ups, downs and turns of a zigzag path while you’re at an exhilarating height, above a nice view of everything nature. However thrilling, this ride is 100% safe as instructors always check the harness. Even acrophobics who want to conquer their fear of heights can give this a go.

The roller-coaster zipline is also a great avenue to shout out all your feelings. Just remember not to close your eyes because the thrill is in keeping them open.

You can try Asia’s longest rollercoaster zipline solo, or avail a package at Nuvali’s newly-opened Camp N. With the package, you can try other exhilarating activities that’ll surely bring out the adventurer in you.  You can check out other attractions and packages here. Sandbox in Pampanga also features a rollercoaster zipline—being the first to offer the activity in the country. The rates are here.


Puerto Galera, Subic, Boracay, Cebu, Batangas

Budget: PHP2500 (30 minutes), PHP4000 (1 hour)

Fly over the water and bring out your inner Poseidon when you try this exhilarating water sport. Flyboarding is popular in several countries, and it is already on Philippine shores. You wouldn’t want to miss out. If you’re worried about your coordination, flyboard companies have internationally-trained personnel to teach you the basics.

Read our Flyboarding 101 and grab your surfing board ASAP!

Flying Trapeze

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Budget: PHP800 – PHP1250

If you’re more inclined to do a circus-type of activity, you can unleash your inner superhero when you try the Flying Trapeze. The first in the Philippines, Flying Trapeze offers classes every week for adrenaline-junkies of different ages. Literally swing by the area, and enjoy switching positions á la Spiderman up in the air. Check out their class schedule and sign up here.

G-Max Reserve Bungy

Station 3, Boracay

Budget: Php 1,500/person

Prepare for a maximum adrenaline rush as you will literally be thrown 60ft. up in the air. The G-Max Reserve Bungy has been making waves in Boracay for being so extreme. One guy even passed out in the middle of his ride. So before giving this a try, take a look at this video that has made rounds online. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

Ultralight Plane Flying


Angeles, Pampanga

Budget: PHP2466 (short trial flights, incl ACFC facilities)

Dare to be in control up in the air as you release your pilot prowess at the Angeles City Flying Club. With qualified instructors, experience ultralight flying at its best for just PHP 2466. As it is also a flying school, you can eventually join as a full member and take up flight training. Click here for the rates.

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