Riding a bus to Bicol is still cheaper than flying.

You can have a villa exclusively for P6,000 a night.

Going on a road trip to the Bicol region any time soon? Bicol may be known for its spicy and hot dishes, but they also have their fair share of cold concoctions. If you’re craving for something to beat the summer heat, look out for these coolers and drinks that offer a twist on Bicol flavors.

Try out these local delicacies and take a trip through the region’s history of taste.

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[article_carousel images=",,,"] Located in the town of Daet, Camarines Norte, Bagasbas is famous for its beach and waves. Aside from being a surfing destination, it is also becoming more and more famous for kiteboarding, paragliding and paramotoring. Aside from these activities, there

Finding brave in Baler.