I remember Japan fondly for two things: its food and its people. The Japanese are, honest to God, the most polite people you’ll ever meet and their food, wonderful, just wonderful. You know the whole shtick about the Japanese bowing endlessly like they were in a Boomerang? It’s really more like art imitating life than a shtick. And you know how they say it’s not where you travel but who you travel with? Well, I really don’t mind travelling alone to Japan, Tokyo in particular, which has easily found its way to the top of my list of favorite cities in world. Spend the day with me as I take you around the city in 8 photos and show you why.

Blossom season is coming!

Hokkaido's going to be your new favorite corner of the world.

Every year in the spring, tourists flock to different regions of Japan to witness the beauty of sakura and partake in local hanami festivities.

"So full of life, so rich in culture, and so stuck between the past and the future."

It's possible!

It will save you some embarrassment.

Traveling is all about experience.

Enter a world that’s entirely your own.