We Spent a Day at the Biggest Inflatable Water Park in Asia

And it's in Puerto Princesa!
by | March 20, 2018

The inflatable island will bring out the kid in you as you try to gracefully jump and hop (operational term: try) from one obstacle to another. It’s not easy an easy task, going through the whole playground, it’s almost as if you’re in a Japanese game show. You’re sure to slip and fall into the waters or look funny while trying to walk with your knees bent but that’s exactly where the fun is!

The various elements of the playground include clusters of giant trampolines, wall climbing sections, hamster wheels, huge inflatable balls you run through, a big volleyball area, and my personal favorite, a human launcher where you sit on the edge of a deflated floater and two lifeguards jump on the other end to launch you into the air.

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