7 Scenic Pilgrimage Destinations for Holy Week

In the Philippines, there are many religious-themed sites set amidst beautiful natural landscapes like gardens, hills, mountains and caves.
by | April 12, 2017

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Holy Land in Tuba, Benguet

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If you’re traveling with kids up North and looking for a religious site to mark the Lenten season, you may want to take them to Holy Land in Tuba, around 30 minutes away from Baguio City. This Biblical museum inside Baguio Eco Park features depictions of Bible stories from Old to New Testament. The small park contains stations of the cross, life-sized statues of Biblical charactes and a Garden of Eden.


Calvary Hills and Callao Cave in Cagayan

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Further up North in the Cagayan province, you can find Calvary Hills, a major pilgrimage destination in the town of Iguig. The Calvary Hills is located in a sprawling 4-hectare area of rolling hills with 14 stations of the Cross overlooking the Cagayan River, which locals liken to the Jordan River.

Another popular spot here is Callao Cave, a cave system with over 300 chambers, that contains a chapel unlike any other.  St. Lourdes Chapel is a cathedral-sized cavern which contains a row of pews facing a natural stone altar. A rock formation serves as the altar of the chapel lit by a stream of light coming from a crevice opening above.


Sacred Heart of Jesus in Roxas, Capiz

You can find many sites of religious devotion in the province of Capiz, which was established as the second Spanish settlement in the country (after Cebu). If you’re traveling there this Holy Week, you can pay a visit to The Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine, a giant statue of Jesus Christ located on a hilltop in Lawaan, Roxas City. Constructed in 2015, the 132-foot (40 m) monument (102 ft mounted on a 30 ft.-high pedestal) is said to be the tallest of its kind in the Philippines.


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